Rage Against Capitalism!

People for or Against Capitalism Are Caught in the Same System. Either Economic Model Today Can be Manipulated by the Banking Elite and Designed to Enslave the Masses.

Holding a line against capitalism and its perceived evils, people fail to see that all economic and political systems serve the same greedy goal. Wars have been fought with millions killed over many belief systems, religious, socio-economic and political.

The ideals being fought over are real enough, but the systems they believe uphold those ideals do not exist. Every major religion and every government today is funded and controlled by the global banking mafia.

Standing for or against capitalism boils down to the same unfortunate point: wars are started and fought for the sole benefit of the super wealthy and the very few global banking elite.

Whatever ideals you may believe are behind your government or your political party, every government and every major political party is in the hands of these bankers. They work from the shadows and amass huge wealth through national debt. Every government system owes money to the same men, who make the greatest profit with the least risk, especially during war.


When the government goes to war, it borrows money (usually without protest from a frightened population) from the privately-owned, non-federal Federal Reserve Bank. This plunges the American people deeper into debt, which they pay for through their federal taxes.

The national debt, in the trillions, is not designed to ever be paid off. So being for or against capitalism does not matter because every country that goes to war goes through the same basic steps that lead directly to the doorway of the banking mafia. The huge payments made to the Fed by the American people only ever pay the interest on the loan with is designed to increase and to never be paid in full.


Even though the capitalist system funnels its greatest wealth to the already super rich banking mafia, fighting it in order to replace it with another system does not alleviate the problem because every economic system pours money into the same few pockets.

The banking mafia never send their sons or daughters to battle. They have already won the war. Being in on the ground floor of every government has its economic advantages for these criminal elite who manage to profit in every direction in every major conflict.


The Fed set up a system wherein the government–needing money to buy arms to fight wars to profit the banking mafia–goes directly to the banking mafia banking system and pays them to give the government its own money.

These arrangements are made at the top level of every government and are handed down to a population too busy working to pay for the current debt to even concern itself with the increased burden.

You have a choice. You don’t have to fight or send your children to fight in senseless wars fought over nonexistent ideals.


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