An Interview With Comrade Sison

1. How is your situation over there?

The Dutch government and the European Council are still harassing me on the orders of the American imperialists. I am still being listed as a “terrorist” in the papers of the imperialists who are the real terrorists. They are still withholding the social benefits due me as a recognized political refugee. But we are fighting back. We are defending our rights. Our position is even stronger because of the support of the broad masses and lawyers who are competent and respected personages in the whole world.

2. Does the so-called US military victory have any effects on the struggle of anti-imperialist asylum seekers such as yourself?

Regarding the aggression, occupation and seizure of the oil in Iraq, there is a rift between the US and British imperialist aggressors on the one side and France, Germany and Russia on the other. But in my case, they do not have any oil to quarrel over. The Dutch government is the most pro-US in mainland Europe. For quite some time now, it has had a policy of harassing asylum seekers in order to reduce the number of refugees. The tide of fascism is growing stronger in Europe because of the crisis of capitalism and at the prodding of the US since 9/11.

4. What are its implications to the course of politics in the Philippines? To the struggling Filipino people?

If we consider the “terrorist” listing, the Arroyo regime has already destroyed the peace negotiations between the GRP and the NDFP. What the US and the Arroyo regime did by calling the CPP, NPA and the NDFP chief political consultant as “terrorist” in order to coerce the NDFP to surrender and to sign that trashy piece of paper called the “final peace agreement,” is madness. The US and Arroyo regime know that the revolutionary forces and the people will never surrender. What the US and Arroyo regime want is to intensify the counterrevolutionary violence. It is their policy to resolve the crisis in livelihood and the uprising of the masses by means of a high tech military solution.

4. Is it correct to say that the military victory of the US in Iraq has strengthened the standing of the US as a superpower?

Because of its military victory in Iraq, the US can more directly access the second largest oil reserve (Iraq) in the OPEC, more effectively control the entire OPEC, and place the Middle East under US and Israeli domination. But even now, France, Germany, Russia and China, and the Arab countries are strongly objecting to US greed and its oil monopoly.

It is disgusting to humanity that the US has launched a one-sided high tech war of aggression against a country that has long been destroyed by bombs and worn down by over 12 years of sanctions. It was even determined that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. It was the US that destroyed lives, livelihood, infrastructure and services (electricity, water, transport, hospitals, etc.), and US companies were the ones given the contracts for reconstruction and humanitarian aid to be paid by the Iraqi people and their oil.

The cowardly US imperialists are brutal and scheming, but in the future, the people of the world will make them pay for their arrogance, greed and overextension. The US is at its apex of being a superpower, especially as a military power. But there will come a time when the US will no longer be able to resolve its economic and financial crisis because of the aggressions that it commits. The US has been on a strategic economic decline since the 1970’s. It was only able to cover up for this in the 1980’s and 1990’s by large-scale borrowing and being the sole military superpower, especially after the revisionist Soviet Union first rotted and disintegrated.

5. What, in your analysis, will be the course of world politics as a result of the US attack on Iraq?

The world will become more turbulent. The US will continue to assert that it can ably attack another country, bomb, make it a colony or puppet government, seize the wealth of the people, and dictate on all governments and countries. The US will bring harm unto itself with its bestial doctrine of pre-emptive war, bombing war with little US casualties, etc. The US imperialists are truly terrorist monsters.

But the struggle of the people who want revolution, nations that want liberation and governments that uphold their national sovereignty will intensify. With the worsening of the crisis of the world capitalist system and with the aggressiveness of US imperialism, the working class and oppressed nations will rise up. The imperialists will squabble amongst themselves and weaken in their tug-of-war over markets, sources of raw materials, fields of investment and spheres of influence.

In Iraq itself, the US entered a complicated situation. The US imperialists and their puppets cannot handle the Shias, Sunnis and Kurds. In the long run, the bodies of the US imperialists and their puppets will be exposed to the effective use of the rifles and RPGs. The use of these weapons will be far more effective now that the large formations and heavy weaponry of Saddam are gone and the US troops have no more reason to use weapons to destroy fixed structures and large military formations. The Iraqis have an historical experience in waging guerrilla warfare against British colonialism. The communists, secular bourgeois nationalists, anti-imperialist Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds can once again join together in struggle. #


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