The RH Bill for the Great Commune

This is my answer to the Filipino Freethinkers who appear to be clueless of what the Reproductive Health bill is all about.

The bill is founded upon an idea. “We” need this bill not only because it’s good for the proletariats, but also because it’s good for our revolution.

So why is this bill not good for the greedy, rapacious capitalists? Freethinkers, it doesn’t take a genius to understand what this bill is all about. You only have to have that science of logic you love to brandish!

Why is this bill a zero-sum game and why we love it?!

Why will it not benefit the greedy capitalists of big corporations and firms? 

The answer is very simple: Because this bill seeks to “SOMEHOW” diminish property rights, and as you know we are in the battle of obliterating that monstrous idea of property rights that has been the cause of great misery to many people throughout two centuries.

Yes, this bill will not directly affect the property rights of the wolfish, insatiable capitalists who feed on the poor and the weak, BUT it will somehow push them off the equation, which is why I said this bill is all about SOCIAL JUSTICE!

Let me explain further, freethinkers. Look at the Obamacare in the United States. I love Obama because his socialist policies is now bringing America closer and closer to government control. Obama need not have to call himself “socialist” for me to agree. But the Communist Party of America loves what Obama’s doing. Why? BECAUSE THEY UNDERSTAND THE INFLUENCE AND CONSEQUENCES OF HIS IDEAS! I understand if you don’t simply because you still don’t have the proper intelligence to reach that quantum of understanding.

The Obamacare is now clearly pushing the capitalists out of the equation and giving the Feds and the Dems so much leeway to take private property and indirectly diminish property rights.

Should I say we need a crisis to awaken the sleeping giant in this nation? This sleeping giant is the oppressed poor people.

Once this bill is enacted, the poor and the oppressed workers would be given more power. I’m very much sure some capitalists would give up and simply leave their properties and businesses. Sure, many capitalists will still have their property (business), but they won’t have total control of it. Others will give up and the entire working class would rise up to claim what’s theirs.

We need a crisis. We are now in a moral crisis and an impending economic crisis will lead to the rise of the working class to claim the power that is theirs.

In America, Obamacare is now in the process of gradually dismantling the last of the visages of capitalism by means of too much controls and intervention. This is the only way the working class can claim power and then try to correct the evil mistakes and injustice done to them and bring peace and equality among men.

I repeat, this bill is all about social justice and that we have a zero-sum game system in this country today.


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3 Responses to The RH Bill for the Great Commune

  1. Juan says:

    Check out the Discussion of the Great Commune in the FF Forums! He’s whipping them up!

  2. Juan says:

    k. I observed that this group talks about defending science and all. However in the issue of population, no one in this group has ever presented a convincing thesis about overpopulation. Make no mistake, I’m in favor of the RH bill, but I think this group has to stand by its principles. I’m more for “communal pragmatism.” I want this bill not because of “overpopulation”, but because it seeks to serve the Great Commune (the common good and collective good). The RH bill is the means to an end, which is the empowerment of the proletariats. We disregard “overpopulation” issues and all. But if this group talks about science, it must come up with a scientific defense of the bill. This way, we can work hand and hand to make the Great Commune possible for this country!

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